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Our team of experts, entertainers and educators have many years experience in their Description of an Appellation Comparison Tasting:

In this unique tasting and learning experience, attendees will learn to discover the ways in which wine from different regions of the world compare and differ.

Manhattan Wine Seminars will furnish each guest with four white wines to be served with or before the salad, and four red wines to be served before or with the main entrée. Each white wine and each red wine will be from a different wine growing region, including Australia, France, South Africa and the Napa Valley. Manhattan Wine Seminars will give each attendee background information about the regions and the different varietals that may be included in this tasting. We will then have each table work together to decide where each wine is from and what the varietal may be.

Needs Work The Great Grapes
Get to grips with Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Riesling.

Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon
Compare three different versions of each of these two blockbuster best-sellers.

Competitive Blind Tastings
Blind tastings are increasingly popular as team building events. They're a good laugh, too, and the winner gets a prize!

New World/Old World
Compare wines from the US, Australia, NZ, S. America and S. Africa with wines from France, Italy, Germany and Spain

Six Dollars or Sixty?
Could you tell the difference? It might not be as easy as you would think.

Classic Regions
Napa , Barossa Valley, Margaux, , Chateauneuf du Pape, Tuscany, Rioja-what makes these regions so special?

Cult Wines What makes a "cult wine"? Taste Turley, Kistler, Dalla Valle, Silver Oak, Opus, Ornellaia, or any of the well crafted extremely limited production wines of the world.

These sophisticated tastings are crafted around the most luxurious French wines, at Grand Cru Classé level, or equivalent comparative tasting of First Growth Bordeaux, or Grand Cru Burgundy?

Here are a few sample programs:

Introduction to Fine Wine
During this informative seminar, Shipley imparts his expertise by providing a comprehensive examination of the six most prestigious grape varietals from around the globe including Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. As part of the tasting, Shipley guides guests through the different flavor compositions and unique characteristics of each wine revealing how diverse climate conditions affect a wine's flavor and texture.

Around the World with a Single Grape
Enlightening patrons on the distinct qualities and features that differentiate an Australian Cabernet grape from California Cabernet we compare and contrast various wines from five regions of the world, each produced from the same grape variety. As patrons savor and examine each wine, will discuss why each wine possesses its own distinct taste and appearance.

Exquisite Wines for Great Value
As prices for fine French and California wines continues to soar, the objective of this seminar is to further expose guests to the enjoyment of wines from new and emerging viticultural areas such as Australia, Austria, South Africa, to name just a few. Shipley will present the finest wines from these regions that offer superb taste for the palette, yet are surprisingly affordable.


Half day Seminar.
Includes an investigation of wine production, and tasting technique, followed by a tutored tasting of twelve wines.

Whole day Seminar.
A more comprehensive lecture on viticulture and vinification, tasting technique, and a tutored tasting of eighteen wines, including Champagne.

Course of Six Half day Seminars.
Covers all the major wine producing countries, including the French regions, and all the 'noble' grape varieties. Each half-day will consist of a lecture and in-depth tasting of eight wines, arranged by theme, or region.

Classic French Regions
These sophisticated tastings are crafted around the most luxurious French wines, at Grand Cru Classé level, or equivalent

These are only suggestions; any wine tasting can be arranged. For example, why not offer to your most valued clients or staff a comparative tasting of First Growth Bordeaux, or Grand Cru Burgundy?